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Holiday Cheer: Next Trunk Show!

| by Kelley Lagudi

Hello Friends! 

As the last quarter of this year is upon us, I find myself getting quite introspective about my decision to start this business.  You know how they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I'm here to tell you WOOF!!  (dog speak for bullshit!!).  I have learned so much about the retail business, marketing and surprisingly most of all...about myself.  When I retired at a pretty young age,  it was such a relief.  I was thinking of all the time I would get to spend doing fun stuff and relaxing.  But over time, I think its really important to have a passion and a purpose.  In the beauty business, I loved making women feel beautiful and pretty hair is always at the top of the list.  But since my back and neck decided to go on strike, I have longed for an avenue where I could still provide that.  Hence, the Chocolate Corgi was born. 

I am certain I'm on the right path because this doesn't feel like work to me.  I'm so excited and passionate to find things and match them with the people who will rock them,  and I get to witness it.  It's awesome!!  I have been blessed with great feedback from my friends and family and now my goal is to take this "ripple" to the next level.  If every friend brought one friend into the mix, then this business can go to the next level.  So I will sing, "I ain't too proud to beg" and ask my friends to help a sister out over here and bring  a friend or 2 to my next trunk show. ()

It's going to be December 1st (a co-ed nighttime event) and a full day on Saturday the 2nd.  Because it's holiday time, I will be searching for gifts to give and to receive.  They say it's better to give, but some of this stuff is so cute you're going to want to receive  ()

Please mark you calendar and I'm hoping to see you for some Holiday Cheer, shopping and laughs.  We will be offering gift wrap and delivery to make your Holiday shopping even easier.
With much appreciation and gratitude,

A heartfelt thank you to my friends who came out to support me and see what I've been up to these past few months. My favorite thing was watching people's expressions when they walked in!  


White Sexy Dress/Cover Up from Apparel

White Sexy Dress/Cover Up by The Chocolate Corgi

 Animal Print Romper

Animal Print Romper by The Chocolate Corgi

Apparel by The Chocolate Corgi


This wasn't an ordinary house party selling a small line of clothes! It was a legitimate boutique!! We had dresses, rompers, sweaters, skirts, blouses, sexy tops, and resort wear. We had oodles of bracelets and necklaces of all sorts and earrings galore. 

Then a gift table with lots of fun, beautiful items that would make great gifts for Mother's Day, or just because!! Did I mention handbags? Totes, cross body and in between! Beach bags and hats!!

It was awesome and I had an absolute blast. I look forward to coming back to Vegas in September to do it all again with all new collections. I hope you will all make it out again 💗


Grey Shoulder Knit Top by The Chocolate Corgi 


Darcy Backpacks

Darcy Backpacks by The Chocolate Corgi


Mini Backpack

Mini Backpack by The Chocolate Corgi

Grow a Pear Gift by The Chocolate Corgi

Floral Pillow by The Chocolate Corgi



Raise your hand if you're ready for Bathing Suit Season! Wait a minute, did I see a hand go up? Here, hold my donut while I go slap her ;-p

Valentine's Day Inspired Donut

© Dunkin' Donuts


Am I the only one who did more of this, than hit the gym?

Corgi going after a Donut

© The Daily Corgi


Seriously though, most of us still struggle with the thought of getting into a bathing suit after 6 months of glorious cool weather clothing. 

Well, here at CC we feel your pain and we've got the answer!! Sexy, beautiful, and classy cover ups! 

Navy Sheer Striped Caftan

The Chocolate Corgi Swimsuit Season Resort Wear 2


 The Chocolate Corgi Swimsuit Season Cover Up

Elegant Cover Up for Swimsuit Season by The Chocolate Corgi


Throw in a spray tan, sunglasses, and a beautiful beach hat and you're good to go!

There now, wasn't that easier than spin class?

You're welcome ;-)


Swimsuit Season Resort Wear by the Chocolate Corgi


And here's a little bonus I thought you might like ;-) 

My Secret Vacation Destination

l love Mexico. And my favorite place in Mexico is, Punta Mita. I almost hate to tell anyone about it because it's getting busier and busier each time I go. 

Infinity Pool in Punta Mita


But you can't keep awesome things a secret forever. There is a spot overlooking the Infinity Edge Pool which overlooks the Pacific. Between the view and the Pineapple Margarita in my hand (and delicious Fish Tacos for daily lunch), well there's just nothing better. Or at least I thought. 

Pacific Ocean View in Punta Mita

Margarita Pool Side in Punta Mita


My Fashion Finds from Punta Mita

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an outdoor kiosk selling these beautiful Resort Style Clothes. Me being me, I had to go in for a closer look. They were made with Light Fabrics that are airy and flow. They are stylish and comfortable and oh so cute!! 

White Blouse with Flair Sleeves from Punta Mita

Come to find out they are European designed and depending on where you find them, they can be quite pricey. So I did my homework and found a way to bring them to The Chocolate Corgi and share them with you. 

ZL Halter Dress from Punta Mita


The Chocolate Corgi Mission

I try to find special things that you will love and keep my prices affordable. The best way to enjoy these resort styles is with a Pineapple Margarita in your hand, but if you can't do that, then I promise you will enjoy them anywhere. :) 

Palm Trees in Punta Mita

Trunk Show in Las Vegas on Sunday April 23, 2017.  Please come check out these products and more.  Mingle and make some new friends,  Refreshments served.  By reservation.  Hope to see you there!  702-280-8222


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