About Us

Welcome to The Chocolate Corgi. 


The first question people ask me is if I sell chocolates shaped like Corgis. Fair question, but nope, I haven't decided to tackle that niche market yet! 

Truth is, I was sitting with a dear friend trying to find a name for my vision, and she simply asked me what are my favorite things. Without hesitation, I replied "chocolate and corgis"! 

The list of my favorite things is long and varied, but at the top would be shopping. Simple as that, and I happen to be darn good at it! 

You may think this doesn't really set me apart from most women, but trust me when I say, I seriously have an obsession...or a gift.  I go back and forth on that one, but it's fair to say it's a gift I'm obsessed with. 

I can shop for anything and do it with passion, grace, and even athleticism (even though I was  never really into sports). Shopping for others gives me the most joy (I swear I'm not just saying that). 

Finding the perfect gift for someone is a religious experience for me. My friends and family love for me to take them shopping because I just focus on them.  I love helping them find the style that works and is the most flattering on them.  Things that make them feel good.  

Whether they are wearing it, or have it in their home, the items I search for are quality things that make you happy to own. I look for classic styles with a hint of what is trending, keeping in mind that trends come and go. Finding quality items that last through time are the best investment.  

I also want to find things that you aren't going to see at every department store.  Things that stand apart and offer some originality. I will search high and low for items  that are different, fun, thoughtful, or any combination of those. 

Personally, there's no better feeling than slipping into your favorite buttery soft jeans, or climbing into bed in a nightgown that feels like second skin. Perhaps, while burning a candle that smells heavenly...and eating some chocolates that don't say Hershey's on the wrapper. 

My dream is to have people keep coming to my site, going with me on my journey of purveying  goods from around the country maybe even the world! Hey, everyone needs a dream, right? I hope you find things that make your world a better place and bring you a slice of happiness ❤.

Happy Shopping, and thanks for stopping by.