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My Secret Vacation Destination

l love Mexico. And my favorite place in Mexico is, Punta Mita. I almost hate to tell anyone about it because it's getting busier and busier each time I go. 

Infinity Pool in Punta Mita


But you can't keep awesome things a secret forever. There is a spot overlooking the Infinity Edge Pool which overlooks the Pacific. Between the view and the Pineapple Margarita in my hand (and delicious Fish Tacos for daily lunch), well there's just nothing better. Or at least I thought. 

Pacific Ocean View in Punta Mita

Margarita Pool Side in Punta Mita


My Fashion Finds from Punta Mita

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an outdoor kiosk selling these beautiful Resort Style Clothes. Me being me, I had to go in for a closer look. They were made with Light Fabrics that are airy and flow. They are stylish and comfortable and oh so cute!! 

White Blouse with Flair Sleeves from Punta Mita

Come to find out they are European designed and depending on where you find them, they can be quite pricey. So I did my homework and found a way to bring them to The Chocolate Corgi and share them with you. 

ZL Halter Dress from Punta Mita


The Chocolate Corgi Mission

I try to find special things that you will love and keep my prices affordable. The best way to enjoy these resort styles is with a Pineapple Margarita in your hand, but if you can't do that, then I promise you will enjoy them anywhere. :) 

Palm Trees in Punta Mita

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  • Posted On April 06, 2017 by Angela

    Can’t wait to see them in Las Vegas! Sounds perfect for Vegas summers if we can’t get to that paradise!! I’ll be sure to have the marggie though!! ??

  • Posted On April 06, 2017 by DeAnne

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see this great resort collection!! Vacation bound in style and comfort…perfect! Thank you.

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