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Raise your hand if you're ready for Bathing Suit Season! Wait a minute, did I see a hand go up? Here, hold my donut while I go slap her ;-p

Valentine's Day Inspired Donut

© Dunkin' Donuts


Am I the only one who did more of this, than hit the gym?

Corgi going after a Donut

© The Daily Corgi


Seriously though, most of us still struggle with the thought of getting into a bathing suit after 6 months of glorious cool weather clothing. 

Well, here at CC we feel your pain and we've got the answer!! Sexy, beautiful, and classy cover ups! 

Navy Sheer Striped Caftan

The Chocolate Corgi Swimsuit Season Resort Wear 2


 The Chocolate Corgi Swimsuit Season Cover Up

Elegant Cover Up for Swimsuit Season by The Chocolate Corgi


Throw in a spray tan, sunglasses, and a beautiful beach hat and you're good to go!

There now, wasn't that easier than spin class?

You're welcome ;-)


Swimsuit Season Resort Wear by the Chocolate Corgi


And here's a little bonus I thought you might like ;-) 

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  • Posted On April 22, 2017 by Eva

    Love these cover ups- and love the donuts! One of each please!

  • Posted On April 17, 2017 by Grace

    Love the cover ups! Can’t wait for gals to try them on at trunk show!

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